Hydrofoils with Differing Leading-Edge Protuberances: CFD and Experimental Investigations

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R Kant
A Bhattacharyya


Leading-edge protuberances on the pectoral fin of humpback whales have been widely adopted to the designs of foils to provide superior lifting characteristics in the post-stall regimes. The present work investigates the lift, drag and flow characteristics of finite-span rectangular hydrofoils having different configurations of two protuberances over the leading edge with NACA 634-021 as the base design section. The results obtained from CFD analyses are validated using lift and drag measurements from experiments. The influence of using a transition-sensitive turbulence model on the results is investigated. It is observed that, in general, a foil with smaller separation between protuberances has better post-stall lift characteristics whereas that with protuberances at larger separation have better pre-stall characteristics. Depending on the separation between them, streamwise vortices are generated from the leading-edge protuberances. The two protuberances can restrict the zone of separation between them at high angles of attack. The influence of Reynolds number on the lifting performance is also investigated.

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