An Analysis of Causes Related to Human Factors in Maritime Accidents

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A F Hickethier
C C Yang


Safety is the most critical job of any Mariner. Recently, the maritime industry has embedded automated systems onboard ships to reduce workload and improve safety. This study explores several recent marine incidents generated by human errors resulting from improper use of technology and the loss of situational awareness. Accidents within three categories of vessels illustrate findings, small passenger vessels, a container ship, and military vessels, using the official accident reports and agency findings. The results indicate that three categories of errors were identified: competence-based, regulatory-based, and perception-based. By sharing this information, Governments, Educators, Mariners, Admiralty Lawyers, and vessel owners can work together to improve maritime safety. This research article proposes academic Maritime Education and Training (MET) strategies and administrative systems to recognise the deficiencies between human factor errors and digital innovation to prevent such accidents from reoccurrence.

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