Moving Towards Model Based Approval – The Open Class 3D Exchange (OCX) Standard

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OC Astrup
O Aae
T Kuś
O Uyanik
B Biterling
T Bars
M Polini
Vijaya G
K Yu
T Seppälä
MJ Son


Shipyards and classification societies must modify the traditional design documentation and review process and enable a direct 3D digital classification process to improve the exchange of information between the different stakeholders and ultimately accelerate the classification process. The Open Class 3D Exchange (OCX) standard represents a step-change in this context. The OCX is a vessel-specific standard addressing the information needs of the classification society and is a key enabler to replace traditional 2D class drawings with a 3D model. The successful and seamless exchange of the design models exported from 4 independent 3D CAD systems to the classification society’s rule calculation tool has been demonstrated. The application of the OCX models for the prescriptive rule calculations demonstrates that the OCX model can carry all the information required by the classification society’s Rules for this purpose. The possibility to also display the detailed features of the design model in a neutral web-based viewer provides the necessary capability for full visual verification of the design models.

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