Tanker Selection Based on an Entropy-Weighted Fuzzy Matter Approach

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Haoqiang Li
Jihong Chen
Zheng Wan
Xiao Cao
Yaqing Shu
Yun Bai


As an important aspect of global economic development, the choice of ship type for offshore oil transportation is a key issue in shipping companies making investment decisions. These can have far-reaching impacts regarding economic benefits and operational developments by shipping companies. To facilitate relatively accurate scientific decisions to evaluate the economic nature of tankers on investment plans, the study assigns entropy weights to various indicators and models tanker type economic arguments based on the entropy-weighted fuzzy matter-element approach, and by calculating the Euclid approach degree of each tanker evaluates the choice of tanker ship type. The results from the study show that the entropy-weighted fuzzy matter-element method is very effective in dealing with tanker selection and decision-making under complex and multi-attribute scenarios. Several conclusions are drawn and further work suggested.

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