Risk-Based Conceptual Ship Design of a Bulk Carrier Accounting for Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI)

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Y Garbatov
P Georgiev


The paper covered a study aimed at developing a risk-based conceptual ship design method for bulk carriers, while taking into account the life cycle assessment and energy efficiency of the ship propulsion system. The study included conceptual ship design as a part of the risk-based ship design approach. In such conceptual design, using the long-time experience and statistics, the main dimensions and hull form, resistance and propulsion, weights, initial stability, freeboard, seakeeping and manoeuvrability were initially derived and the capital expenditure, operational expenditure, and decommissioning expenditure obtained. An optimal design solution was obtained, based on the energy efficiency design index, shipbuilding, operation, and resale costs at the end of the service life, which were used as input variables in a riskbased analysis.

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