Early Stage Decisions In Marine Systems Design For Deep-Sea Mining

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A Solheim
J J G Agis
P O Brett
B E Asbjørnslett
S O Erikstad
S L Ellefmo


This article studies the prospects for deep seabed mining as a future viable maritime industry, and discuss the commercial, operational, and technical viability of deep seabed mining. By the use of a business development approach originating from the maritime industry, we analyse opportunities for a virtual deep seabed mining project, and identify aspects of stakeholder performance expectations, contextualised by the competitive positioning and identification of related project risks. We discuss strategies and pit-falls when positioning a deep seabed mining venture within the wider mining and metal production value chain, and use a case example in the Northern Atlantic Ocean to study the prospects for a deep seabed mining operation and subsequent system design implications. Furthermore, we contrast to well-established industries like offshore oil and gas, and traditional land-based mining. The study promotes several critical aspects and problem areas when approaching marine systems design for deep seabed mining.

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A Solheim, a:1:{s:5:"en_US";s:53:"Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU)";}

PhD student, marine systems design for deep seabed mining

Department of Marine Technology, NTNU