Designing a Driver Environment for Rigid Inflatable Boats Using a User-Centred Design Approach

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Onder Erkarslan
Burcin Asici


Herein, the importance of design methods for a company’s competence in the commercial world and the importance of integrating design into the product development process in the initial stages are discussed. Notably, driver environments on current boats are not ergonomically designed. Hence, this study aimed at designing a new driver environment with improved ergonomics and user experience that is aesthetically compelling to the market. This study is based on a user-centred design approach, which implies that all team members participate throughout the product development process to create design value for users by crafting innovative solutions that satisfy their requirements. Consequently, a new console, seating unit, and hardtop design that consider the importance of ergonomics, user experience, and manufacturability are developed. These elements are not only integrated in a user-friendly manner but also provide improved maintainability and productibility. 

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Burcin Asici, MID Izmir Institute of Technology

Burcin Asici received a bachelor degree from Middle East Technical University Department of Industrial Product Design in 2005. She had her master degree from Izmir Institue of Technology Department of Industrial Product Design in 2019. She continues her education at the Izmir University of Economics at Design Studies Ph.D. program.