Comparison of Experimental Towing Test and CFD Analysis of a Bare Hull Model Submarine on the Surface

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Thu Han Tun
Ye Thet Htun
Aung Khaing Min


In designing submarines, hull form selection, resistance, and powering are key aspects. The bare hull form of a submarine can be considered according to five parameters. Surface resistance is important should it be necessary to operate at relatively high Froude Numbers. Due to the complex nature of the flow around the hull, model experiments are still the most reliable approach to determining surface resistance. CFD simulations enable surface condition analysis using FINEMarine. The towing mechanism must be taken into account and so this was designed to fix the pitch motion and measure the hydrodynamic forces. This paper outlines the towing method, comparing the model test and the CFD results, as well as providing a comparison of wave formation from the towing test and the CFD results. The results show that resistance increased significantly above a model speed of 1.4 m/s. Furthermore, above this speed, as the resistance of the model rose, the downforce gradually decreased.

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