A Distributed Virtual Reality System Based on Real-Time Dynamic Calculation and Multi-Person Collaborative Operation Applied to the Development Of Subsea Production Systems

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Y Du
Y Y Wang
X C Shang
J B Zhang
M L Duan


To train inexperienced workers for the construction, production, and maintenance of subsea production systems, a virtual reality simulation platform was developed. The entire framework, software, and hardware platforms of the system were designed and introduced. A multi-person collaborative simulation was achieved based on the high-level architecture protocol. The real-time dynamic calculation software Vortex was used to add physical properties to each geometrical model and set collision detections and motion constraints so that the VR system can reflect the real motion response of the structures in real-time during virtual simulation. Visual simulation software Vega Prime and Vortex were integrated to realise the real-time rendering and drawing of virtual ocean engineering scenes. Thus, a virtual simulation system with large-scale complex scenes based on real-time dynamic calculation and multi-person collaborative operation was established. A typical ocean engineering case of subsea manifold installation was simulated using the virtual simulation system, and the detailed simulation flow was explained. A multibody dynamics system of the ship-cable-subsea manifold was established using Orcaflex to obtain the accurate motion response of the subsea manifold during lowering. In the virtual simulation process, the obtained hydrodynamic calculation results can provide an important guideline and reference to the operators. The developed simulation system is a suitable tool for training ocean engineering workers and realistically simulating ocean operation cases.

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