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K Sivaprasad
C G Nandakumar


Ship recycling has been considered as a low technology industry. It has been established that there are more than a dozen stake holders in ship recycling having their own interests and roles. Apart from this, most of the ship recycling activities are carried out with poor infrastructure support and without adhering to proper safety and environmental standards. A Knowledge-based support is the need of the hour for improving the status of ship recycling industry. Knowledgebase support in the form of a computer based expert system encompassing entire ship recycling activities is considered as a very useful step in this direction. This paper presents the need for a user friendly expert system for ship recycling process. Two important functions of the expert system have been presented, one for the Administrators, the stake holders at the helm of the ship recycling affairs and second one for the Users, who execute the actual dismantling have been presented.

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