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D Chichì
Y Garbatov


The objective of the present study is to investigate the possibility to recover the ultimate strength of a rectangular steel plate with a manhole shape opening subjected to a uniaxial compressive load and non-uniform corrosion degradation reinforced by additional stiffeners. Finite element analyses have been carried out to verify the possible design solutions. A total of four finite element models are generated, including 63 sub-structured models. The non-uniform corrosion has been generated by the Monte Carlo simulation. The reinforcement process covers three scenarios that include mounting of two longitudinal stiffeners, two longitudinal and two transverse stiffeners and the flange on the opening. The positioning of the stiffeners has also been studied. A total of 10 cases has been selected and tested for the numerical experiment. Three different assessments have been performed to evaluate the ultimate strength, weight and cost. Two additional studies on the effect of the plate thickness and slenderness have been also carried out.

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